Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I may not be the greatest... 

But I do smell nice! I think I do, at least.

This was a good day. A ride left from the park next door and a group of bicyclists rode together to downtown, to Pioneer Square, where a gathering was being held for Bike to Workers. There was music, food, coffee, and a raffle!

However, since I am not a morning person and don't like talking in the morning, especially before my coffee, I didn't meet for the group ride. Instead I rode overly fast on my own to the square. Once there, I pounded a couple cups of coffee in time enough to feel social when my friend showed up (yes! I have a friend!). That went well. Made lunch plans with her and her friend (another new friend for me?) while having another coffee. The fun continued when I won a raffle prize! Unfortunately, I won lights for my bike (I already have some) instead of the new bike, like I'd hoped. Ah well. Free stuff is good!

Work happened (I had some to do!), I met yet another friend for lunch and then rode home, sweating like a maniac all the way.

Profusively overloaded with sexiness, I went to my accounting class and finished my test in about half an hour, leaving me with much free time tonight. What have I done with it? Well, um...talked to STILL another friend! Rented a great movie ("Kung Pow! Enter the Fist". Great high comedy). And I've eaten a lot. Maybe I'll have more?

I'm in the mood for some Ramen....that is not good news (I have none)

Why don't you gloat some more! A**H&$@!

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