Saturday, May 27, 2006

I am a slacker 

It's been quite a while since last I posted. I am finding out how eroded my time management skills have become. Between work and ONE class and paddling practices, I can't seem to find the time to do much else. In my defense, three days out of the week I don't get home until after 9pm, but still. Weak sauce.

Things are well. Work, while slow and tedious due to a lack of actual work, is good. I like the people and the company, and it will be nice to get some real work.

Went dancing last night, if you can believe that. Had fun too. Wanna hear something even crazier? I could go again (not tonight tho) and not complain. Who am I?

The weather has been pretty wet all week, but not too cold.

My bike got fixed up, tho it still needs work.

I just started a new book that thus far, is really good: "1421, The Year China Discovered America" by Gavin Menzies.

What else.....thinking isn't too clear right now; maybe tomorrow I can get something more exciting down here.

Got a new tattoo. A marmot on the bottom of my left foot. Why not? It seemed like a good idea at the time. It helps dispel the thoughts of vengeance I've harbored for the dreaded marmot since that day long ago when a pack of them banded together to attack and attempt to kill me and my companion. it was a dreary day, to be sure. Now, I get to mash the bastard into the ground with every step my left foot makes!!! Haha!! Die, marmot, die!!!

Time for tea and scones!

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