Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bike to work week! 

That's right, this is bike to work week. So, get outta your cars and bike in! It's good for ya, for so many reasons. After driving to work once, I was much happier to leave the car behind today and bike in. No stress from traffic, some exercise, and I was more awake at 830am than I (should) would have been otherwise. Yup, gonna do it again tomorrow and get some free coffee and breakfast downtown (there is a gathering for those biking in). Good times!

'Course that means I'll have to truck it back home after work to jump in the car (does it have any gas? Probably not) to drive up to class in time to take a test. Ah well. It'll be good for me

Day 2 at work went just peachy. Before the day ended I was able to get a couple hours of billable work in, which was nice. Up until then I'd been reading employee manuals, researching laws and such out here....and begging people for work (well, not begging. That would be bad to do the first week of work).

Had a nice lunch next to the river. Sat on a rock and ate my food, read my book, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The rain stayed away for practice and my ride home. I tell ya, who says it rains in the NW (Let the jinxing commence)?

I should go get some sleepy. Gotta get up early tomorrow. Darn it all

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