Friday, April 07, 2006

You're kidding me 

So. Seems a new craze, along the lines of plastic surgery (kind of) is taking off. It's for women only, and involves sticking a needle into the G-spot. I'm not kidding (unless this article is faked.). The article is here in the New York Post Online.


THIS is one plastic surgery you won't be able to point out during red-carpet arrivals. Forget the lip injections and the breast implants; the hottest place for stars to get shot up with collagen this year is ... the G spot. That elusive female pleasure point - whose very existence was the subject of medical debate for years, and continues to confound many a well-intentioned man - is the pet project of Dr. David Matlock, Beverly Hills OB-GYN, laser surgeon and passionate defender of a woman's right to orgasms.

Lots of them.


Sure, Matlock's quick-fix sex shot may sound like just another expansion of the cosmetic surgery empire.

But there is one major difference. This procedure is all about utility, not vanity - after all, it's not as if anyone is going to be impressed with the looks of a new and improved G spot.

Matlock posits himself as a die-hard feminist, fighting for the rights of women to get their fair share of what until now has been an almost entirely male-dominated niche marketplace.


Okay, I guess some sense can be found in that.


Everyone except sex therapists, who are generally skeptical about the merits of sticking a needle into such a nerve-rich area of the body.

"Intuitively, I would shy away from injecting anything into the G spot," says Dr. Laura Berman, a sex therapist whose new book is "The Passion Prescription."

"We don't know the long-term effects," she cautions.

Besides, she says, the effect of the G-Shot can be had more naturally.

"You can achieve the same ends with some education, and pelvic strength. If you strengthen your muscles, and learn how to utilize them, you're essentially doing the same thing."

Plus, when you're using your muscles, you have the ability to turn it off and on - unlike the G-Shot, which keeps the patient in a near-constant state of sexual arousal for four months.

Huh. There's the other side of the story. At least this country isn't scared of sex and talking about it. If it were a taboo subject, then maybe the elusive G-spot would go undiscovered in most women due to a lack of discussion between partners and a fear of some good ole' grunt work.

Oh wait...

What will they think of next?

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