Sunday, April 02, 2006

Who am I? 

The first of what I hope will be at least 3, job offers has landed at my door (technically, it was placed in the hanging mailbox and only landed near the door when I dropped it. Fortunately there were no puddles in attendance). Surprisingly. Good news is, it's a better offer than I expected. Do I want it? Not sure. Still trying to ignore the cases of the shakes (I would not have any vacation days until 6 months passed by) and all that jazz.

Second interview tomorrow, and this week I should hear back from the interview I had last week.

Wednesday night I start classes! Accounting 1. I am excited about it, but this was tempered somewhat when I checked for required books and was reminded of the exorbitant cost of college texts. What a bunch of crumb bums! Ah well. It will be worth it.

My week is filling up! That boosts me up to three nights a week of commitment. And Saturday mornings (negotiable). Man, once I get employed I'll really be roped in. Fromz zero to 100 kinda quickly. I expect more terror, but I could use it.

Didn't make it to the coast today. Was supposed to head out, do some hiking, peer for whales. Got an early call highlighting the conditions out that way-very dark and rainy. Hence, I am still in the apartment.

But I am clean. And so is my underwear (wait. Where is my UW? A crud! I guess it either fell off or I forgot about it. Huh. Who'da thunk it?). Belly is full (too full) and my Pepsi (cold but flat as Nebraska) just finished its trickling down my throat.

Cats are catarwauling outside the window and dogs bark mightily the neighborhood round. The trees outside the window are lashed against the wooden house by galing winds and traffic snarls to a halt. The old geezer next door made the mistake of going outside to check the scene. He is now in a tree 4 houses down, his robe up over his head and his loose-knit boxers sagging to his knees. A lone branch whips him across his flanks. Inside it's warm and gooshy, a fire crackles and pops in the corner, a fight I'm taking seriously as no fireplace exists in this house. Bookshelves are toppling over and the stereo flickers from station to station, alternately blaring and whispering "Shot to the Heart" over to "Paul Harvey". A steel bear trap just said hello to my upper thigh and pygmy tossed darts whistle around my ears, thudding conclusively into the gaping doors. Swirling spinning my head calls it quits and I sink to the floor exhausted, bleeding and confused. A brief return to consciousness and I find my entire self tied to the floor with miniscule ropings and trappings, small men and women and shrunken vietnamese pot-bellied pigs capering about my torso victoriously, drunkenly in randy merriment. Slipping back into the darkness I find peace.

Days later I come to and all is well. No sign of any of the destruction wreaked when last I saw the light.

And that was my weekend.

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