Monday, April 10, 2006

See this movie 

Went down to the Baghdad Theater tonight for beer and a movie with a friend of mine from D Boating.

Saw Syriana. I will see it again, and purchasing of it will happen by me at some point.

Great piece of work. A bit depressing tho, due to its relevance and plausibility. A good 'fire-me-up'
sorta flick. Fortunately or not, the only recipient of my ire roght now is good ole Mr. Guinness. He doesn't add to my consternation, only eases the pain. (My friend took off. She bolted before my still sluggish mouth (from hours of non-use) could get up a head of steam and rave on).

See it. George Clooney continues to impress me

Our govt, way of life, corp's, etc do not

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