Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Last night I got my butt out of the house and went to see a movie: Brokeback Mountain.

Saw it at a $3 movie house that serves beer and pizza (and all the movie regulars)! For a grand total of $14 I was able to get 2 tickets, 2 beers and a large popcorn. Good deal. Cool little place, long narrow theater with comfy seats and tables.

Despite all the media attention this movie has gotten (most of which I have ignored), I didn't really know what to expect from it.

Here is the short version of my thoughts:

I really liked it. The only thing I did not like, was the repeated use of the same lame-ass pseudo-country sad damn music that played in virtually every scene that included both of the main characters. That got old. Even with a small budget, they could have at least varied things a bit and played, I don't know, at least 2 songs?

Longer version:

Yes, it was a movie about two cowboys and their love for each other. Or to break it down more simply, it was a movie about an essentially forbidden love. Could have been a mixed-race couple, differing religious backgrounds, young (legal) man/woman and older woman/man. Hell, coulda been a hippy and a conservative (no "Dharma/Greg" references allowed here). The basic premise (to me) is that these 2 people really love each other but can't be together because of what their society thinks. Again I have to throw this out: why the hell does it matter, and whose business is it, what two consenting adults do behind closed doors? Why is it anyone's business except theirs? Oh yeah, it IS NOT anyone else's business. For fuck's sake, if your relationship/world view/religious faith/feeling of well-being is threatened or hurt by someone else's relationship, then you have plenty of your own problems and should focus on them.

Does a gay couple ruin the 'sanctity of marriage'? No. If you think it does, you have your own problems with your marriage.
Does it ruin society? No, see the previous answer.
Hell, why not shun adulterers and cast them out of society as well? What about hetero-couples who engage in anal sex? Or swingers, threesomes, etc etc.

It's sad that people in love can't openly express their love or be with the one they love because of society at large (Of course I speak of love between consenting adults). It's absolutely disgusting that they have to fear violence for being in love.

A good movie, but sad. Made me sad not simply because of the characters. More so because of the state of things in the 'real' world. If two people love each other, let them. I can't see how it is anyone else's business.

Man, I feel like one big wandering ramble today. I suppose that is what I get for leaving my bed before the sun made an appearance. Maybe I'll try posting more coherently on this later

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