Wednesday, April 05, 2006

In case you were wondering 

If you put fake hot dogs in a toaster over, set on bake, for too long, strange things begin to happen. (I can't attest for what happens in a microwave, as I do not have one of those) They blow up! Not like a potato in a microwave, but more like a balloon! It is quite amusing. I discovered this when I put some to cook and forgot about them. Oops. Real hot dogs simply pop open. Brats.....I don't know.

Sat in a coffee shop for a couple hours this morning, and range thru 3 of the books I'm reading right now. All this after sleeping until 10am! That was nice.

Only a few more hours until I head off to "Principles of Accounting 1". Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Man, props to Mom for heading back to school! I wandered around campus yesterday and felt quite old. Not that Mom is old, of course, being younger than me. Regardless. Good on her!

I think I'd better shower before class. Might help me fit in better. But when you are alone all day doing nothing, it's hard to motivate to get in the dribbling shower because who do I have to impress/not offend?

if you're not boiling them, you have to cut a slit in them.
Details, details. Where were you and your great ideas half an hour ago?
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