Wednesday, April 05, 2006

First day of class 

Yup, I'm a college student again! Seven or 7.5 years since last I collegiated, I am back! It was a bit strange, and I had to fight the wandering mind (esp since we sat for over 1.5 hours without a break), but it should go well. I'm actually excited about having homework! Maybe that has something to do with having not really used my brain in a long time? Whatever. Hopefully this enthusiasm lasts beyond the first few pages of reading....which I plan to start tomorrow!

It was funny watching the professor attempt to convince us that accounting is a vibrant and exciting career....I didn't buy it.

The apartment is all mine again tonight. Since I don't feel like reading anymore (that's an all-day activity lately) or going out (well, I do feel like going out, but there is the money issue with which to be concerned) I am going to watch a movie. I just hit up the rad movie place down the way and came home with 2 brain burners: "Where the Buffalo Roam"-a movie based on a Hunter Thompson book and starring Bill Murray(!) and Magnolia. Don't think I'll get them both in tonight, but you never know.

I have a glass of wine and a crossword. Maybe I should dim the lights to really set the mood?

No thanks, I don't want any popcorn. My stomach is already fit to burst from the gargantuan pile os spaghetti I ate.

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