Thursday, April 13, 2006

An eventful day 

Nope, no work yet (tho I did get 2 phone calls. Finally). But I was out of the house and spent a good part of a beautiful day out and about. Met up with my friend to play some frisbee golf. Getting there was a bit of a challenge (I'm new here so I have that excuse), but not nearly as challenging as trying to follow the course. Whew! There were baskets (the 'holes') and launch pads (tees) but I'll be damned if we could find then. I think we spent a bulk of our time wandering around chatting and playing the same couple holes over and over. For the sake of my pride and dignity (as I don't have all that much left, I must take care to protect the lingering bits) this was good. I couldn't throw for shite! However, the sky was mostly blue, the air was warm and fragrant with the scent of pine trees (awesome suckers), and my friend brought beer. So smart she is! After piddling around in the mud and sun and trees and vines and general greenery chaoticity, we grabbed one last brew and sat in the bleachers (the crowds had left for the day, deeming us even unworthy of golf clapping) and talked a long while. A very nice morning/afternoon.

This I followed up with a long nap on the couch. And almost oversleeping and missing my class. As it was, I showed up a few minutes late. Typically this is a problematic approach to attending class, but since the prof was 20 minutes late I had no need to sweat.

My homework was correct! I have retained some skills of comprehension and critical thought! A relief, to be sure.

"American Psycho" finished off my night. A crazy tale of love and romance and exciting chase scenese and chainsaws glistening with newly splilt blood....ah!

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