Sunday, April 16, 2006

The day has come 

Had a cookie for a post-breakfast snack. It was like eating a block of sugar with chocolate chips inside. Sooo good! (Yes, I made them. Last night in their gooey glory)

I've been trying my hand at preaching today (being Easter and all, I've been moved). It's going well, tho the reception I'm getting is less than glorious. Which means I must be holy, right? My fave oration was to a buddy back in CO. Today is not only Easter, but his birthday as well as the Holy Father in Rome's birthday. What a day of wonderness! Back to my story. Laying in bed in torn up underwear, I grabbed the cell and made the call. In a booming voice I congratulated him on making it to his ripe Old Age, and segued into extolling the wonder and awe and grandeur of this Holy Day. All was going well until I mentioned the Holy Underwear, at which point his mind began to wander and he hung up on me. Can't blame a brother for trying, eh?

I should get back to my book now. A fairly appropriate book, really: "The Last Temptation of Christ". I'm going to try and get to easter sunday (in the book. I made it in real life) before the day's end. Seems like a necessary endeavor...

Gimme some o' that damn fried chicken!

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