Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A college-ing we go! 

Started up another class tonight. That's two I attend a week! Granted, that's only for three weeks (and one of those weeks adds a third class. But only for that day), but what of it?

Not only that, I've made a possible business contact in tonight's class. He gave me his card and email address and *home* phone number! Ah, the excitement and tittylation of it all!

It gets better. I witnessed live Curling practice!! Yes, it was as exciting as you are imagining. And then some.

Dinner tonight (at 10mp) consisted of margerine-y and cheesy mashed taters. Home-made, of course. And a biscuit and spinach salad. With a brownie for a pre-emptive dessert. Not bad, eh?

Good thing I finished my homework (for tomorrow night's class) already-tomorrow I'm heading out for a round of frisbee golf. On an actual course with a bag full of 'clubs'! The excitement here is non-stop I tell you. Yeah, perhaps I should hang around here all day, again, waiting for promised phone calls that never come, but I'm taking a break form that to regain the little sanity I cling to in desperation.

What else...the shankers are healing nicely, as are my rotted out arches.

Started a new book: "The Last Temptation of Christ". So far, I really like it. Quick has been the read up to this point. Whatever shall I read next? The history-type book has one chapter left, and I can't fall in the number of on-going books with which I am involved, you know? That would be OH so gauche!

My Spider Solitaire game is not going well.

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