Monday, April 10, 2006

Another day, no phone calls 

Yes, people are busy. They have work to accomplish. I understand this. That doesn't lessen my impatience and frustration when "I'll be in touch in a day or two" turns into a week or so. Yes, I make follow up phone calls. But too many is too many, and I don't want to push too hard. But I'm tired of waiting. And sitting around the house waiting for phone calls that don't come. Especially on days like today-the sun has come out, it's probably in the 60s, and I am inside, just in case a call comes in on the house phone (no answering machine yet) instead of sitting in the park reading. That may change shortly, as I will otherwise go nuts in here.

The weekend was good. Had two paddling practices on Saturday which left me tired and soaked (the only rain that fell all weekend fell during our practices. My rain gear is not waterproof like it is supposed to be. Which is good to know) and....had dinner with some friends last night. That was the long and short of the excitement.

Finished another book, and started "The Last Temptation of Christ" this morning. I'll let you know how it is. Going to see Syriana with a New Friend from paddling tonight. Should be fun.

Patience, patience, brother. Breathe deep.

And stop drinking so much damn coffee

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