Thursday, March 23, 2006

What a day! 

Busy busy, that is me.

The day started with tofu scramble (actually very good. Don't knock it until you try it) for breakfast and the perusal of a couple newspapers, followed by the unfruitful email inbox checkage (nary a company correspondence. Unless you count those selling penis extensions and porn).

Bushed by the flurry of activity, I napped.

Then wandered down to the park with a friend and her dog and played fetch with the silly creature (the dog) while chatting. It's a beautiful day (no rain and warm) and I found myself in a good ole' mood. While chatting with other dog owners I answered a call on my phone to the music of fighting dogs and set up an interview for Monday afternoon. A second interview, that is. Hmm.

Upon returning to the house I vainly checked email again, grabbed a backpack (no idea why) and headed off across the river and bought me my first dragon boating paddle! Very exciting. I ended up walking (briskly) for almost 2.5 hours, all while listening to Tom Robbins's "Villa Incognito". Awesome.

Now I am home again, preparing to walk off to the grocery to get the final ingredients for dinner. Tonight I try making gnocchi for the first time. Exciting!

No, I had no work-related emails waiting for me. Again.

However, the new phone line produced its first call in the apartment a couple minutes ago!! That was exciting. Hopes ran high that it was a work-related call for me (yes, I am perhaps a bit obsessed right now with finding work). Nope. A wrong number.

If I run off to the store now, I bet I'll have time to snag a quick nap before starting dinner...

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