Friday, March 10, 2006

Well F me in the goat a$$ 

Hopefully one day before I die, I'll stop this annoying habit of mine (yes, I know I have many, but right now we are only discussing one of them!): second guessing the hell out of things. It gets tiresome, really.

Had my first job interview in 5 years this morning. Yes, I was offered a job on a survey crew. However, one hand bestowed a job offer while the other was trying its best to convince me to return to engineering. In fact the guy interviewing me called up a buddy of his to, I don't know, prove how badly needed engineers are right now, and to give me an idea for what I'd be offered (money-wise) getting into an area in which I have no experience (a lot more than he offered).

So of course now I am wondering what to do. There are large pros and cons to both of them. The most important question is this: will I be miserable taking another engineering job (I am doing a great job of ignoring my pride)? Will a new situation, new types of projects, new atmosphere and new disposition make a difference? Or will I be miserable after a couple of weeks? Ultimately (financially), ENG makes the most sense. But I've done the misery for money before, and don't want to do it again.


Is 11AM too early for a beer? It is Friday...

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