Monday, March 20, 2006

The weekend is over 

Time for the Monday morning blues. Not that mine are all that swamping, what with still being unemployed and all. Not a bad weekend. Rung in St Paddy's Day on Friday at a crazy house party. Nothing worth mentioning (or mentionable). Saturday we rung in the equinox at another (much mellower) party, attempting to usher in spring. An interesting evening, to be sure. Yesterday was a gorgeous day out this way, and much of it was spent outdoors-buying some plants to spruce up the apartment, checking out the botanical gardens across town (a busted venture due to the presence of most of the city), and a picnic-type lunch in the park. I ended the day with a pot of bean dip, a PBR and Old School. Go me!

Today I have one interview set up. That's all.

Man. The everyday details of my life are not nearly as exotic and exciting as they used to be, eh? (Ya know what? I'm ok with that....for now)

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