Monday, March 27, 2006

A truck ran me over 

As is usual after a weekend in Chicago, I have returned home utterly exhausted. The one hour of sleep I got last night did not help matters, nor did the total elapsed time from airport thru airport (approx. 7 hours) or three-hour drive from Seattle to Portland. However, I made it home with enough time to shower, shave, iron a shirt drink a Mt Dew and scoot off to an interview. Which I must have completed coherently enough since they are going to send me an offer. And they liked my shirt (a Vietnam original).

The weekend was fun. Two birthdays celebrated and a wedding. I am missing more brain cells and most of the hair on my right hand. But no one died. That I know of.

Tomorrow I'll make up some good stories. For now, I need to sleep. Hopefully I can...

I didn't realize until reading this post that I too am missing most of the hair on my right hand. Fresh nuckle hair here we come!

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