Monday, March 13, 2006

This week is shaping up 

Monday is over! Wooha! No, it really doesn't matter to me (yet). Same day as all the rest

Tomorrow I gots me some DB paddling practice

The day after I meet with a school counselor to plan out courses of study. Later in the afternoon I have an interview with a company with whom I am pretty excited to talk chat (in a description of their work posted on their website, they use the word 'holistic'! How awesome is that! I didn't think engineers knew that word!).

Thursday I have another interview with another good company (this one will come with a free lunch-always nice) and more paddling practice.

Friday...nothing planned. Being seeing as how it's St Patrick's day (he and Chris Columbus are chatting it up and giggling at the pedestals [deserved or not?] from which they look down at us) I assume some Guinness will be quaffed.

Saturday, more paddling and then a combo St Pat's/equinox pot luck.

Sunday....perhaps I'll watch 'The 40-Year Old Virgin' again...

Perhaps Monday-ish I'll be starting a new job? What a thought that is!

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