Wednesday, March 22, 2006

There is nothing to fear 

The viewpoint of life changes.
Perspective comes from a new angle.
Once familiar sensory inputs provoke this change:
Image of The Shadows;
Deep pow crashing over thighs;
Whimsical rock formations
In the deserts of the southwest;
Pictures of a group, long dissolved;
A song not heard for ages:
"It was all, I could do, to keep from cryin".
Grillin' spring days at the Basin, and
John D getting Rocky Mountain High.

Surfacing, glances bounce around;
Nothing is familiar.
Nothing is as expected.
Confusion and slight suffocation reign.
All that was once familiar, is now gone;
All that now surrounds is new and strange.
The excitement wrought by change is
Supplanted by the gut rot of unfamiliarity

Reality sets back in,
Surroundings return to clarity,
From blurred vision.

Stomach settles once more.

Heart rate returns to normal.

Breathing slows, shallows, pauses....

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