Tuesday, March 07, 2006


This past weekend my sister her friend and I headed over into 'the city' to spend some time at the most wonderful new/used bookstore I've ever had the honor of frequenting (way too often): Powell's Bookstore. Great place.

That, however, is not the point of this ramble. Our trip was only the means towards which the rest of this tale was enabled to be played out.

While walking thru the streets we passed a march/protest (which was actually the main reason we walked so far. Many streets were closed down temporarily and I lost patience sitting in an idling vehicle). Near the end of the line of marchers, I saw a face that looked familiar. And, in fact, it was! A girl I met in Laos over a year ago was marching along with the others (in a nice skirt, jacket and high heeled shoes. Great walking/marching garb, as she herself mockingly mentioned)! Wow! Finally, a reason to not feel like a friendless loser! Randomly meeting someone you know in the street unexpectedly is usually fun.

I walked along with her and we 'caught up'. She mixed up details about me and my buddy out here whose basement saw the onset of my time in Portland (I also met this guy in Laos), but it has been a while so no big deal.


I quickly recalled the reasons this girl drove me nuts. Her diatribe on her began almost immediately and it was a few blocks before I was able to conclude the phone number transaction (she is in town until the day after tomorrow) and extricate myself from her detailed discussion on....her. Crazy.

Haven't heard from her yet. Not so sure I'll be giving her a call. As I told my buddy, I shoulda given her his number. That would have been a funny surprise for him (funny for me, at least).

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