Thursday, March 30, 2006



No. Nonsense. The president cannot be a Fool. Not at this moment in time-when the last living vestiges of the American Dream are on the line. This in not the time to have a bogus rich kid in charge of the White House.

Which is after all, our house. That is our headquarters-it is where the heart of American lives. So if the president lies and acts giddy about other people's lives-if he wantonly and stupidly endorses mass murder as a logical plan to make sure we are still Number One-he is a Jackass be definition-a lound and meaningless animal with no functional intelligence and no balls.


We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world-a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just Whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will judge us....No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we'll kill you."

-Kingdom of Fear, Hunter S. Thompson

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