Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Now it really begins 

Kelly Clarkson is serenading me, directly into my protruding ears. Such sweet syrupy goodness!

Tell me, what do you have Behind Those Hazel Eyes??

Got another call today. Friday morning I have my first interview. Hell yeah? Gotta make another begging sorta call tomorrow and try to weasel my way into another either tomorrow or Friday (I haven't had a day dedicated to interviews in a while. Mayhap it's time to see what kind of stamina resides in my atoms), if I amn't too late.

Had my 'Going into Business' class last night. Went well, was quite informative, and I didn't walk out discouraged as hell, which is good. I was the youngest folker in the room, no doubt. Which was not an issue until stats were thrown up on the overhead as to the reasons why businesses tend to fail within the first 6 years. Reason one (whether there by chance or because it's the leading reason-which I tend to doubt) was age-too young, Fat Man. This prof's feeling is that 35-50 or so is about right. Huh. Just one more instance of someone projecting me to fail. Not the first time. Which means let's plan on it not being the first time I overcome my insanely stubborn streak and give in to naysayers. No matter. That don't befront me.

Next class? Not sure. Hopefully I'll be one-on-one'ing it next week and figuring out a course of action.

But for now, I'm going to finish my Squirt so's I can move on to a little wine. Choke down some dinner and put on some pants. Go see C's friend's band playing. Wake up and do it all again.

Check out Hank 3's new album. Awesome. The damn name says it all: "Straight to Hell".

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