Friday, March 31, 2006

My day 

Another early AM rising (630ish) and a hella-good breakfast of (my version of) juevos rancheros placed atop a slightly moldy bagel (no worries, I pried off the mushy bits). Newspaper, email, pretend napping...

After a round of food shopping at Fred Meyers and the local farmer's market, I did a number on the apartment-cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen-even scrubbed the floor!) and then headed over to the park to read. What a beautiful day! Sunny, tho intermittenly cloudy, and warm enough to sit out in a tshirt! Quiet, chirping and squawking birds, buzzing insects landing on me and my book....awesome.

As I sat there and read, I paused to look up and take in the scene: the sun shone out of the blue sky, bursting thru the trees and lighting up large patches of green grass; moms and kids frolicked past on bikes on foot in carriages; a large man kept jogging past, reminding me of the exercise I didn't get today; singles or groups of runners trotted past, gasping and panting with exertion; a cute girl plopped down on the grass not far from me, apparently oblivious to my irresistability; a small group of young guys crowded around some picnic tables, smoking and chatting. Taking all this in, I couldn't help but feel totally relaxed and peaceful. Until I started thinking.

Meth problems. A stubborn President who appears to have stopped listening to everyone. A Congree whose personal desires seem to outweigh the constituency they supposedly represent. Wars and strife around the world involving troops from many countries, between peoples within their own country, random violent acts. Fathers killing daughters in brutal fashion. On and on and on.

On a day so beautiful, in a world so beautiful, how is such....shit so rampant? "Live and let live", says the Bible. Yet not even people of faiths that follow The Book seem able to abide by such a simple dictum (I'd quote other religious books, but I have no knowledge of others). People seem to be selfish and self-serving, living by platitudes such as: 'do as I say, not as I do', 'what's mine is mine, keep your damn hands off' and the predominant one in this (self)righteous country 'it's not my fault!'

What to do? How to cope with all this? How to ignore the firestorm of bullshit that rains down constantly from all angles and directions?

No idea.

But for today, here's what I plan to do: enjoy the sun and warm-ish breeze blowing in thru the open windows; read more of my books; vacuum the apartment and prepare for tonight. Friends are coming over and we're all going to make pizzas, have some drinks (3 buck Chuck, anyone?), relax and have fun.

Which means I plan to ignore the muck for now.

Now where is that book o' mine...

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