Sunday, March 12, 2006

More to come.... 

But for now, a teaser.

Went to a concert tonight. Due to a lack of interest from the few people I know, I went to see Th' Legendary Shack Shakers on my own. Cool opening bands (Cicada, good. Hillstomp, awesome.) and the Shakers were quite rad (tho I understood almost nothing the lead singer said all night). Hung out with a crazy older guy. AND, got hit on by some chick in braces. Not that there is anything wrong with braces. But when she asked me where I went to school and what my major is...I giggled a lot. Being 30 and many years out of college, I blurted some inanity into the noise and laughed.


Now I will eat my ramen and explain the night (quite entertaining) in detail tomorrow, Sunday, a day dedicated to rest and reflection, something I plan to take advantage of (since my life has been so hectic and work oppressed lately...)

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