Friday, March 17, 2006


Not to worry, I am still unemployed and living off of my dwindling reserves. However, there is a faint flicker of possible hope in this muckety muck called 'job hunting'. This past week put me thru two interviews (necessitating not only dressing nicely twice, but brushing my hair and SHAving twice at that! Boy was my face skin unhappy by the end of that second face scraping. "course perhaps it woulda gone smoother had the blades had an edge or soap covered and softened the bristlyness), resulting in a range of reactions.

Interview one started off well enough. I was excited by the company-on paper. Scant minutes into our discussion my head began reeling, my stomach dropped onto the floor (embarassing, let me tell you) and the dread of old came rushing back so hard that I almost toppled out of my seat. Suffice it to say, I am not considering that company.

Yesterday's interview was much more positive and encouraging. A larger more diverse (project-wise) company, I think it could work. Questions are still formulating in my head, and they need to be posed to the appropriate people, but I was at least encouraged that I'll be able to find something that won't push me into self-immolation after a couple days of work. Of course the other large question is, did I sell myself to them? They should let me know next week.

Today I set up two more interviews. Which is good, yeah?

On a happier note, paddling last night was followed by a longer session at the bar, resulting in me getting to know more people and know them better, which is quite exciting. There was even talk of a dive bar tour of the neighborhood, which got my dander up (in a good way of course)! Tomorrow I get to paddle again, and I think there will be a paddle fitting which means by sometime soon I'll be biking to practice with my very own paddle strapped to my bike! Cool.

Last night wasn't the favoritest night of mine. Slept like holy rotting hell, waking up constantly and feeling tired and annoyed of sleeping and wanting to be done with it, despite an inability to open my eyes. Had crazy-ass dreams that woke me with a strange taste in my mouth that stubbornly refuses to quit persisting. Ach.

AND, a couple buddies of mine have plane tix to come out here, which is quite exciting.

My feet stank

So's my butt

But my nose smells just fine


why do you feel the need to let us know how bad your butt smells?

the company you hate, is the company that will love you....grasshopper.
If I don't let you know, who will?
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