Saturday, March 25, 2006

I am a master 

Since yesterday was a day spent in transit, I was unable to toot my own horn until now.


The other night I embarked upon my first attempt at making pasta from scratch. Not just any old pasta either, but gnocchi-potato pasta/dumpling things.

And let me tell you what. I am the king!! They turned out awesome and tasty and filling and amazing! All this, despite the fact that I had to replace the called for egg with vegan egg-replacers. Despite that one little stumbling block I prevailed! It was a good time. Poured me some wine, turned on some tunes, and got down and dirty. Made a huge mess of myself and the kitchen, but it was worth it.

Not only that, but I made the sauce from scratch as well! Seriously. I rule. You would think given these talents of mine that the door would be inundated with hordes of hot and willing women, the phone off da hook! with callers begging to be taken into my fold. But alas. These scenarios remain figments of mine own imagination.

Perhaps a shower would help?

The bread and wine were the only aspects of the meal that were not made from scratch (by me), but we'll see what I can do about that for next time. I have the small vat set up for grape stomping and a vast bread cookery in place out back...

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