Saturday, March 25, 2006

Guess where I am!! 

No, not in Portland of even in Oregon!!

I am in Chicago. Mom's bday is this weekend (happy bday, Mom!) and all us kids came home and surprised her. I only sent one email mentioning me coming home (doh!) but it all worked out despite my idiocy.

A busy weekend to be sure. Dad's bday is in a couple weeks (happy early bday, Dad!). Since we are all home, we decided to surprise him and celebrate his last night!

Tonight a buddy of mine is getting married, and tomorrow we celebrate Mom's bday with downtown fun. Monday AM I fly back and will probably have to go straight to a second interview.

Oh yeah. Due to the much cheaper airfare, I flew out of Seattle instead of Portland, thus adding a 3-hour drive on either end of this trip. Hooah!

True to form, this weekend started off with a very late night/early morning with the kid bro, a PBR or 2 and ended with a bad movie ("The Girl Next Door". Not great, but that chica is hot!) and me falling into bed around 4 or 5.

Seriously. Go shower and shave! You have to leave soon!

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