Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Good news!! 

Wow! While on his secret mission to Afghanistan, President Bush told the folks there that we will catch bin Laden!! Isn't that wonderful? Ah! I feel as tho I can safely sit back on my laurels and rest assured that the terror threat will soon be over.

Um, yeah. I am all for supporting the troops and boosting morale, but how about some tempered (responsible?) optimism? Say BL dies and all we get is a cold body. Do we consider that a victory (rhetorical question)?


In other rants, I'd like to address a passage in the abovely linked article:

Eight weeks in the planning, Bush's visit to Afghanistan was not announced in advance to reduce chances of an assassination attempt. Heavily armed combat assault teams shadowed Bush's moves. Door-gunners on at least two helicopters fired brief bursts of bullets down at the dusty flatlands not far from Bagram Air Base as they ferried the president's entourage into town.

A U.S. military spokesman, Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick, said the gunners on the choppers were test firing their weapons.

"It is standard operating procedure for the MH-47 helicopter to test-fire their mini-guns over East River Range every time they fly in mission," he said. "Neither President Bush nor any of the aircraft in the flight were ever in any danger."

That's wonderful that no real threat was posed to the Pres or any of his entourage. But what the hell is with the (apparent) complete lack of concern for, say, anyone who might be on the ground? Ya know, locals? How much danger were they in from these randomly tossed bullets? Or even their livestock?

A tough road lays ahead. A road involving the pulling of our collective heads out of our asses. Perhaps one small reason people hate us, is the lack of concern shown for anyone not us? "Sure five local families were killed, but at least no Americans were hurt!"

Maybe some peoples don't want to live like people in the US. Perhaps they want someone in power that we may not like but who represents their collective interests (democracy, anyone?). Maybe cutting back on how often and how forcefully (physically and/or economically) we try to form others with our mold will ease the collective antipathy towards this country?

Just a thought

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