Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Full moon fever 

Paddling at night is an awesome thing, as long as you have lights on the boat and don't get run down by large and imposing craft.

Last night as we paddled back up river the full moon was still among the trees on the east bank, shining thru the branches illuminating the dark clouds scudding across the sky. The set of paddlers last night were making nary a sound as we slipped thru the water, lending additional peacefulness to the scene. It was awesome. Until I splashed myself, of course. Which was fine, but then I was wet.

Post-practice activities included meeting up with the team at a local bar. Fun times. I'm finding people I click with and getting to know more people and opening up more as a result, which means more fun. Always a good thing. The team is rooting me on in my job hunt (perhaps that is a hint to pay my dues!); they are good people.

Dragon boating is a sport that originated in China (I believe), and every year there are races held over there. The team leader was talking last night about putting in a bid to race over there in 2007 (April/May-ish). It seems the Chinese govt covers a lot of the costs for that trip (a bid to promote tourism). How awesome would that be? I made it known that I would not be against heading back over there to race...

After riding back home thru a light rain, I entered the lighted warmth of the apartment and proceeded to make home-made pizza. All of it from scratch, including the crust! It turned out wonderfully and was the best pizza I've ever had (perhaps a ridiculous claim spawned by my ravenous appetite)!

I'm the king!

Another hour until meeting with a college counselor; 6 hours until my interview. Heck, I'd better get to doing some more research on this company so's I can pepper them with questions! And, I'd better get my hair under control. Washing it seems to triple its volume, and I appear to have a funky 'fro right now. Not my best look

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