Sunday, March 12, 2006


Chile has their first woman president now. And she sounds like quite the woman.

From the BBC:

Outgoing President Ricardo Lagos has hailed her election as an "historic triumph".

Chilean society is often portrayed as ultra-conservative, dominated by men and the Roman Catholic Church.

Only 4% of senators are women and divorce was only introduced last year.

But Ms Bachelet believes this is only part of the picture and Chile is changing - as reflected by her election victory.

"We have a mature, democratic society that believes men and women can hold responsibility," she said.

Ms Bachelet, incidentally, is a "socialist, agnostic, single mother, torture victim, former political exile and now Chile's first woman president." There is a good column in the Washington Post that gives a lot of background info on this remarkable woman.

And from Reuters comes this article.

Yahoo had things to say as well.

Who tortured Ms Bachelet? The Augusto Pinochet years saw many people tortured and killed (her father died and her mother was tortured as well), and it was under this dictatorship that she was tortured and ended up off in exile.

Pinochet, incidentally, led a coup against President Salvadore Allende (a Cuban ally and 'commie')(yes, the US was involved in this coup and the subsequent support of, yes, a dictator. Tho to what extent this involvement ran is still not all that clear) in 1973 and was responsible for all sorts of badness (hence his own exile).

Ain't life funny? Condi met with this admitted leftist newly inaugurated president and it sounds like they hit it off!

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