Monday, March 06, 2006

Beautiful day 

Maybe not today so much, seeing as how it's 7am and I am awake, with no real purpose.

Saturday, however, was a marvelous day! Overall, actually, it was a great weekend. My little sister came down from Seattle with her friend for a visit. This is the closest we've lived to each other since high school and that is quite exciting.

As I am still jobless and spend most of my time searching for work, I have not taken much time to enjoy where I am at; to integrate into life here. That is changing! Saturday morning I went to a beginner's day for a Dragon Boating team. It was awesome! After some free coffee and introductions and such, we headed out onto the water and paddled for an hour or so. I had so much fun! These boats hold up to 24 paddlers or so, sitting side by side and hammering away at the water with paddles. Great exercise, beautiful morning out on the water and excellent people. Having something to do is wonderful for the psyche and I can't wait to get back out. Unfortunately, their next practice is on Tuesday night and that is when I have class! How batty is that-I have nothing to do for most of the week. I have two activities that take up a couple of hours, and they go and conflict! I tell ya. That's ok. As far as I know I should be able to make the practices on Thursday and Saturday. I hope!

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