Monday, March 20, 2006

And the moral is? 


"The common discovery of America was probably that Americans were the first people on earth to live for their humor; nothing was so important to Americans as humor."


"Where fusty conservative old critics had once defended the obscenity in The Naked and the Dead, they, or their sons, now condemned it in the bew book, and that was disappointing. The country was not growing up so much as getting a premature case of arthritis."


"This has been a considerable defense of the point, but then the point was at the center of his argument at it could be put thus: the American corporation executive, who was after all the foremeost representative of Man in the world today, was perfectly capable or burning unseen women and children in the Vietnamese jungles, yet felt a large displeasure and fairly final disapproval at the generous use of obscenity in literature and in public."

-Norman Mailer, The Armies of the Night

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