Wednesday, March 29, 2006

All in good time 

Today is...Wednesday as far as I can tell. If my watch has decided to lie to me then I guess I wouldn't know it until too late.

Gotta interview in about an hour. I suppose I should at least choose my clothing, shave, maybe shower. At least double check the directions to find this place. Yet here I sit, drinking coffee and farting around on the internet and not doing much of anything productive.

The hair is growing back nicely on my hand. I commend my friends and I for not instigating the flaming festivities until after the reception ended and most people had left the vicinity. Although any blame that must be laid gets tossed squarely at the feet of young Sizzle, as he is the character who rushed off during dinner to hit up Sprawl-Mart for the requisite supplies. Fortunately, said S-M was right next door (ominously jutting up into the skyline of suburban Chicago in its world-dominating questingness).

Not only was fire had, but I danced at this wedding! Slow dancing, fast spasmodic dancing...and I not only enjoyed it but was hankering for it! Quite odd. Who is this new Me that has emerged from the ashes of old? He certainly doesn't smell any better than the previous version...

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