Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wake me up before you go go 

In a way I've been productive. The little Saturn aced her emission's test. Later today I'll ride my bicycle (assuming it holds together) over to the DMV to get plates. I ate breakfast, I'm drinking coffee, I've sent off emails for some temp hourly work, and am finally reading one of my books ("The History of Danish Dreams"). I received notice that a spot in a boat has been reserved for me on March 4 for a beginner's session in Dragon Boating (The team's name is 'The Castaways') and some random girl and I are going to meet up and go running sometime this weekend (she wanted to meet up on Saturday morning but that has been dedicated as "find a place to live that is not my buddy's unheated basement" day. Hopefully Sunday works. And hopefully Saturday isn't a huge night). I've also made a contact to start playing ultimate frisbee again (pick-up games, the best variety).

All I really need now is a job (and a decent resume)! Then I can start my classes.

It's not raining today, but it is cold. Darn the luck!

I should drink less coffee. It makes me urinate often.

Other fun things have happened, I think. Right now these entertaining tidbits are eluding my brain.

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