Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Things are starting to move 

Yesterday morning I tossed out a few resumes and applied for a few jobs. It was exciting, and I assumed it'd be a couple days at least before I'd hear anything ("You want a job with that resume? What is wrong with you? Go serve up some fries ya bastard!").

Well, I'm not against being surprised. As I pedaled my way madly down the street in the direction of the post office, dodging moving cars and immobile poles, my front brakes disconnected due to certain, um, issues, my cell phone began ringing. Although I could hear it over the music wailing in my ears, it took a minute before I realized that I was producing the ringing. Don't worry, I didn't swing my bag around to get the phone out and answer it. That would be unsafe. Besides, a pumping song was playing and I didn't want to turn it off.

It was a job calling! How exciting is that? I called back once I got 'home', and we chatted for a long while. He didn't think my year (and a half) off was anything but awesome, has no problem with me geting this job as a means to pay for school (that was in my cover letter) and was very laid back. They are going to call back today so we can talk more! To say the least, I was happy. As further proof of the incestuousness of the profession, he knows one of the managers from my first job!


Not only that, but people I called about housing still had places available! Maybe by the end of the week I'll be home-having and employed (thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Magin 8-Ball)!

Last night was semi-celebratory and I met lots of fun new people, but that is a story for later. I gotta run home and let someone into the house...

you're an engineer again? are you going to be termite? anyway, props to you and i hope it works out and i hope i see you really really really soon; remember that no matter how many funny people you are meeting there are always equally funny ones up north...
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