Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday 

At least I think it is. It would be quite accurate to say that I am not exactly overflowing with excitement at the impending climax to the football season. Maybe once the commercials start flowing I'll get a little juiced up. But right now, walking over to the coffee shop and sitting reading my book over some black caffeine is what's stoking my embers. Maybe because I am tired?

Met up with a buddy from college and his wife last night. Had a killer time. It was very amusing watching their initial reaction and continued stupefaction at the length of my hair. Hehe. We had some great talks, went thru a bunch of beer (decent beer, not the low brow variety that typifies our college reunions), and had a great time. I think I even convinced them to fly out to Portland next late summer for a visit (Portland is WAY better than LA. I swear!).

Managed to catch the 1240am train back to the 'burbs (I think I took a short nap in the train station while waiting) and was in bed by 145am. And was up again at 415am to drive my dad to the airport. Let me tell you how good it felt to get back into bed and sleep some more!

My stuff is pretty much all bunched up in a couple of piles and I get my car back tomorrow. Hopefully I can get my temp tag and some car packing done (to get a feel as to whether or not I need to make some final cuts and leave more shite behind) before heading off on a whirlwind romp around the midwest that is east of here.

My plan is to head out of Chicago sometime on Wednesday. Get to Denver. Stay some days. Then get to Portland on the 13th. It's doable, but I might be a bit cracked out by the time I arrive in the land of greenness.

To say I'm excited would be an understatement. I've been talking a lot the last few days about Portland and it has been serving to ramp me up even more! The only drawback is that I am not on my way yet. It's not frustrating me yet.

Imagine. I am excited about getting a job! Well, maybe I am overflowing with elation at my impending unpacking and the job excitement is misdirected overflow. Or else I don't remember what it is like to be locked into work...

Go Bears!!

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