Monday, February 27, 2006

Stay strong.... 

Well, I got a call back from the company I talked with last week. Only this time, the call came from the engineering department. Later (today?) I will be getting a call from the surveying department. Seems my recently formed resume (I still can't find the last decent version of my resume, hard copy or electronic) comes across impressive enough for these folks to want me hired on as an engineer. Doing the same sort of thing I was doing before, only with more truly managerial responsibilities.

As the lady on the phone tried to sweet-talk me (I swear this happened!), I continued looking out at the chilly and rainy weather and began to question my logic in not returning to my former position, even if only temporary (she didn't seem to mind that it would be a temporary, non-career forming move). Hell, the pay would be better and I wouldn't have to work out in the rain...

But then I recalled the endless mornings I woke up dreading the hours I'd be spending in the office, the complete lack of fulfillment I was getting from the work.....and after a minute of contemplation I've shelved the call to the shelf of 'random ego boosts' and am anziously awaiting a call from the survey department.

Money, afterall, is NOT everything, does NOT mean happiness.

Everytime I type or write or say that word (happiness), a song comes to mind that I learned in grade school:

H-A-double P-I, N-E double S! That's the way you spell HAPPINESS!

Something like that. It's a happy jingle and makes me smile (and spell the darn word correctly).

Kudos to me. I've come to far to give in and sell my soul again to make a little extra cash.

Ah! My second pot of coffee is ready!

On top of all this fun, I've signed up for my first class (on March 7). If I wasn't a complete dunderhead, I coulda signed up for more at the same time. Although this first one is free, the others are not. Perhaps I should continue thinking smartly and wait until after being gainfully employed before incurring more financial burdens...

I rock

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