Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ongoing thrills 

Despite the slow start to the week, things are ramping up and productivity it high, kind of. Yesterday an oral agreement was made with my new landlords! That's right, I have a place to live that isn't an unheated and unfinished basement! My new digs will be one of four apartments in a large house. All utilities are included as is trash and other assorted maintenance type goodies, including laundry! Very cool. It's not a huge place, but it's in an awesome location and is chock full of character. What more can you ask for? (Don't answer that out loud).

The only unfortunate part about this is that it looks like another weekend will pass without me getting any skiing in. Saturday is the move-in day. Not only is it a day for moving in, but it may also be a day of finding furniture. This place is not furnished, and my furniture is all of...nothing, really. Anything I had has either been sold, donated or is not in this state. Including a bed. A quick glance around has shown the lack of frugality associated with mattresses. Darn things.

Doesn't matter. I'm excited. There is a great park four blocks away (which I am claiming will encourage me to run), little coffee shops and bars and whatnots even closer. And the place has a ton of windows. And heat! Rockin'.

The excitement at findind a place was a bit muted for me, because it sank in, yet again, that Portland (not CO) is now where I am calling home. That and the unbinding, unwritten agreement to stay for at least a year prompted a small case of hyperventilation and brief panic on my part. So it goes. I had some wine, watched Fight Club and all was good.

Today is C's birthday so I've been running to stores for needed cooking stuffs. Now all I need to do is eat lunch, take a nap, and then cook some dinner.

Oh! I almost forgot. Romalo the mangy dog says hello. Actually, he said "ruff!", but you get the idea.

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