Wednesday, February 08, 2006

On the road 

The first leg of my trip is done. In the last 2 days I drove from Chicago to Fort Wayne to (near) Columbus, OH to Lafayette, IN and I just got back to Chicago. I got to see old college friends and 2 new babies. Unfortunately my visits were virtuially lightning quick thanks to my self-imposed schedule. Sorry, guys. It was great seeing you and I promise the next time will be for more than a couple of hours!

Now comes the next stage: Chicago to Denver. I have to finish packing the Saturn and get a temporary tag (I think I'll take my chances and go get it on the way out of town); the Saturn is already half packed (and has a new windshield!). Oh yeah-I need some coffee too.

Too bad it's 20 degrees outside. That should make packing fun.

And I need some clean socks. I wonder if I could find any?

The fun of moving, right?

Time to pack

My visit was so lightning quick I missed it. Wait, it was just a phone call! Your loss. You could've gotten a free lunch.

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