Sunday, February 12, 2006

Off again 

Well, my time in Denver has come to a close, for now. I'm having my coffee and email check before heading back to pack up and hit the road. Then it'll only by 18 hours or so of driv ing before I can unpack, before packing up in (hopefully) a few days to move and then FINALLY unpack, for at least a series of months (I hope). This has been...a visit. It was great to see people, and I'm glad I wound my trip over this way before heading to the NW.

What is the next chapter in this life of mine? Time will tell, right? To say that I'm excited to put things into action is an understatement.

Although the excitement is tempered by the long drive I'm about to start. Ugh. At least I have three books on my iPod, that should help the time go by.

And, I don't have to see Nebraska or Iowa which is tremendous!

Peace, y'all. I'll see ya on the flip flop

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