Thursday, February 09, 2006

Made it 

Stage 2 is done. I am in Denver now after making the drive in record time: from my parents' doorstep to my buddy's, my stopwatch ticked off a little under 14 hours. Pretty damn good, I'd say. I wasn't really hallucinating, but if it had taken me any longer I might have had some issues, like two other people I saw on the drive (not counting the swervers or the destroyed looking truck drivers I saw in gas stations): somewhere in Nebraska a semi left the road and went to check out the center median (probably 30 feet wide, steep bank down to opposing traffic). Not being an off-road vehicle, he ended up on his top (Perhaps the 'lovely' NE scenery drove him to it?). Another guy tried that in a car just inside the CO border. Looked like he flipped at least once. And left car pieces everywhere. They were good motivators for me, ya know?

Anyway. By the time I laid down (I had to unload most of the car so it wouldn't get broken into) it was about 5am. Which was almost 24 hours after I woke up. In that time, I drove for approximately 18 hours. And ya know what makes it better? After sleeping for 4 hours I couldn't go back to sleep.

And since my buddy (Who is out of the country) turned all the water in his house off, I had to walk down to Einstein's bagels to use their toilet (and get coffee). Hopefully he lets me know how to turn the water on. I could use a shower.

So I'm in Denver. A bit melancholy, as I still feel like this is home. It's warm out and the mountains look amazing.....ah.

Maybe it's hunger and lack of sleep and dehydration?

How are so many people sitting in here at 1040am on a work day? Don't these people have jobs?

Speaking of which, time to get to working on my resume and job search again

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