Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Job hunting 

Not one of my favorite past times, let me tell you. I've done quite a bit thus far today, and have what I will pretend are some leads, but nothing has been sent out yet as I don't feel that explosive goodness has supplanted the blase-ness of my resume.

But I have auto insurance. And some chips. Had an energy drink and now have a printer up and functioning with my laptop.

How exciting am I?

Should I download some Kelly Clarkson off of iTunes? She's listed under 'teen pop rock' and I don't feel quite right getting anything off of there. Sorta makes me feel like a lech. An old one at that.

Haven't exercised today, except for some fast-paced walking. Which has gotten the kinks and soreness out of my legs (and my old worn down hip). Maybe a short bike ride later tonight?

Nah, I'll wait until tomorrow. The temporary tag on my car expires today so I'll be riding my bike to the DMV which is not all that close. Stupid car and expenses and all that.

Rubber bananas are funny

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