Thursday, February 02, 2006

Holy shite I'm on fire 

Hehe. The old me is resurfacing. I think it's true-I lost a few years on this last birthday instead of gaining one more year/decade.

Despite the fact that I haven't been sleeping (my little sis made me talk to her until long past 3am this morning), I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. Which has produced one of the more productive days that I have had in quite a while.

What have I done? Let me proudly report that: The Saturn is running!!!

It took a new battery (oops) and some explosive spray, but she's running! Got her down to the gas station and filled her up. Ran over to a tire shop and have 4 new roundies on her. Tomorrow AM she visits the car doc for a check-up (keep your fingers crossed).

My wireless internet is working (but not here, for some reason).

I drank a lot of coffee

Three more chapters have been sunk in my book (Wild Swans. Hella-good book).

I ate lunch!

A nap is looming, as my eyes are way pissed at me and would like some rest.


Tonight I'll start coalescing my stuff into what is going with me and what isn't.

Turn around time here is dwindling and getting shorter and shorter with each passing hour.

I've looked for jobs (kind of. It's hard to look seriously when you don't quite know where you are living or when you are getting there). Clubs and classes have been scouted out and a list is started.

Later I'll get to a write-up I swear. A nap is more pressing. Otherwise gibberish is all that will be produced.

The energy and adrenaline is at a level long since absent in me. It feels good.

Look out-I'm back and ready to do some damage!

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