Tuesday, February 28, 2006

For the love of... 

By the time I started actually being productive today, it was around 11am. My first task was the laundering of dirty clothing articles. Easy enough task, yeah?

Quick background. Inside my apartment there is a door that leads downstairs to the basement where the laundering facilities (free) are located. At the bottom of these stairs is a small studio, rented out by an artist type woman. There is a door between the bottom of the stairs/her studio and the laundering area. This door locks. As I headed down the stairs, said woman left her studio and we exchanged pleasantries (this is the first time we've met) before I laundered and she left. Once the washing machine was started, I headed back, only to discover the aforementioned door's now locked status. Hm. A conundrum. I still can't fathom why this woman would lock a door she knew I would be going back thru in a few minutes (I was wearing flops, flannel pants and a tshirt. Not exactly outdoor wear for the rainy/chilly day. My keys? Yeah. Back in the apartment. Didn't figure I'd need them since I wasn't actually leaving the house!

Between me and the apartment (which at this time contained a running coffee maker, computer and stereo) lay either the locked door blocking the path I'd come down, and the main front door (there is another door leading to the outside world from the laundry room) which lays outside my front door. Both locked. Fortunately the apartment is on the ground floor with many windows. I tried them. Locked.

Now the fun began. I unhinged the locked door, only to find that its pieces are integrated enough to prevent its unhinging. I pried and jammed and yanked. Eventually I managed to get it half off, but that was all. The door jams are all bunged up (we'll see if anyone mentions that) and the door doesn't sit quite as nicely as it used to.

I grabbed the handle off a paint can I found, and fiddled around one of my windows with it, accomplishing nothing but bruised and cut hands. No one was at home in any of the other apartments. Spare keys were returning to my place, but not for another 5 or 6 hours. I considered walking over to the unheated basement I stayed in when I first got out here, but it's 10 blocks away in the rain and there was no guarantee that I could get in.

Defeated after an hour and a half of house mutilation, I sat down near the warm dryer in an attempt to give in. Thinking kicked in, and I realized that I had not tried the bedroom windows (I couldn't remember if there were any. There are two, but they look drastically different than the rest of the ones leading to my apartment). Off I went and as luck would have it, one was open! Not only open, but it doesn't actually have a latch (a problem, I suppose), something I should work on at some point.

After this incident I was muy productive. Nothing involving getting a job, but the apartment looks nicer and more put together!

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