Thursday, February 02, 2006


For the first time in months I am infused with energy (despite the lack of sleep and food) and excited and unable to sleep much and am raring to get going. It's awesome.

And a great start.

It's cold in Chicago in winter. I much prefer the heat and sweat in the Caribbean. Although it has lent my shoes a permanent stench (Ask D. He had to open the windows in his car when he picked me up in Orlando the other day).

Do not fret. The caffeine levels in my blood are slowly raising and I am about to start documentation for your benefit some tibits from the last 2 weeks.

My stomach is the size of a pea. I should really start eating again. And exercising. I was going to damn run today but it's cold out which won't be great for my burgeoning cold (amazing that I am getting sick. I wonder how? Do you think 5 flights in 2 days, no sleep for days and no food for weeks has anything to do with it?)

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