Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All in a day's work 

"Team America". Brilliant bit of filmaticness. Quite amusing and spoof-filled. I liked it mucho. It made me laugh and guffar for what, about an hour and a half last night? You haven't lived until you've seen an extended puppet sex scene. Riotous, believe me.

Today has been productive:

I've gotten a couple people to agree to show me a couple apartments (and for once my calls were not greeted with "sorry, we've filled that property"). I have more to call when I return to the house shortly.
I reduced my cholesterol by eating oatmeal for breakfast. This trend will continue when I go for my run later today
My resume has been sent off to multiple places for a couple different kinds of jobs. Other avenues are alse being explored.
My gullet has taken in much coffee.
I put pants on
Later, I'll shower and shave (I heard this yesterday: "Man. Corey. You really do look jobless!" Something about being unshaven, wearing old jeans and a flannel and a toque)
The post office and library will also be recipients of my patronage today
Perhaps a bookstore as well
Brunelleschi's Dome is a couple pages closer to completion
I am sexier today than I was yesterday. Trust me

I coulda sworn I had something worthwhile to say, but I'll be damned if I know what it was. Let me check some news sites real quick

Nigeria. Nice work kicking out foreign interests! Sorry, Shell. Scale back!

I still don't like Madonna

Unshaven, old jeans, a flannel...you are in the Pacific northwest. Perhaps your job searches should include auditions for grunge bands. What do you think?

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