Monday, January 16, 2006


Back in San Jose I am. Made the voyage back today, and it was uneventful. Except for the 2 guys (working together) who tried to gank the backpack of another traveler from the overhead storage. Did not work, and one dude got man handled by the bus driver. Glad I keep my bag in my lap or at my feet (as room allows).

This hostel I am in seems pretty cool. It takes up space in 3 different buildings. One has a bar, restaurant and pool. I thought about heading over there, but I am tired and lazy so instead I will read, skip dinner, do some email and go to bed early. A good thing since I am up and hopefully in a cab by about 430am tomorrow morning. Too early I tell you. But what can you do?

I had a point. Now I remember. This hostel. My stankness is taking up a bed in a dorm room (the lower bunk. My wet clothes are hanging from the rafters of the bunk above me. Classy) and as of right now there are 2 other dopes in the room with me. By 830pm, both were laid down and settlign in to sleep. Fortunately they said nothing about me leaving the light on and reading (until I went out into the empty entrance hally thing, which has one comfy chair in a corner, to read. The light is off now). Whew. Crazy place I tell ya. Most other people I pass by are not necessarily throwing the stink eye at me, but close. Makes ya wonder. I am not smelly (I washed my feet and sandals when I got here), not unkempt (I shaved too) and I smile. Maybe it is the bloodshot eyes? No me importa

Just over 6 days until I hit old agedness. I would say that is weird and I am worked up about it, but I am not. At least, not that I know of. Repression is on my reume under special skills.

This keyboard is bunked. I can not find anything I need on it, as random things pop out from keys not indicating that usage. Funny.

Maybe I will sack out soon. Hopefully my bunkmates will not get pissed when my alarm goes off at 4am...

Hey Corey, I hadn't checked in on you forever. Glad to see your still traveling the world and enjoying. Great you even managed to find some butterflies on a new continent. Fun & safe travels to you. Jim
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