Monday, January 09, 2006

Off again 

The last day or so in Orlando has been great. I owe my buddy, again, for letting me crash and all. It's been great! Maybe next time sickness and work loads won't weigh him down and we can burn down the town or something?

955am tomorrow morning my flight leaves. My bag is packed, clothes are laid out (I say that as though I actually have a choice in what I have to wear! hehe), the iPod is charged and I am ready to go.

It's a new year, yeah? I suppose it's begun, but has it really? I don't think so. Seems like an extension of the last year (and a half).

So. Since my bday comes at the end of this venture, perhaps we'll call that my new years day. Since I'll be email inaccessible for a while the time closing out my old year should be rife with thoughts (again, I hope).

And the new year will begin on or around late January. My return....

Actually, I arrive back in Chicago on February 1. On second thought, let's call that new years day. The date is more appropriate and that is when my new year will kick off.

What's to come in the new year? No idea. Step one will be coming up with some resolutions. Step 2?

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