Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I am still alive 

I know it's been a couple weeks, but I am still alive. And am now a decade older. And yes, I am wiser. It's been a crazy couple of weeks, details will eventually emerge.

For now, I am back in the States and am truly and utterly exhausted. In every conceivable way. It's amazing, and lends to a slightly suffocated feeling.

Although (here comes a large caveat)

I have now been awake for about 21 hours (I think. Too many confusing ridiculous time changes).
I had 4 flights today, 3 of which were almost missed (not my doing, I swear!)
My stomach was sickly yesterday (for a couple hours I feared the return of giardia. Today...ok)
I've eaten very little the last 2 weeks. In fact (no joke), I think I'm down another 5-10 lbs. And this time it's not because of a stomach issue! (The first clue was 3 days after parting from San Jose and realizing that all of my pants were much baggier than they'd ever been)
Culture shock
Extra stress inducing shocks
The last 2 weeks has seen some fairly major emotional ups and downs (all for the good cause of growing as a person. Seriously.)

Enough of this inanity. I need to sleep.

One more flight....

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