Saturday, January 14, 2006

Good tidings 

Avoiding an unexpected demise has become my forte. I´m getting better at it, I think.

No, nothing exciting has happened, I don´t think. But I am still alive

Today saw me and BW on a 7 hour bus trip (2 combined buses of 3 and 4 hours, respectively, with a 3 hour layover between). I barely noticed anything about the trip except the rain and mud splattered windows. BW, however, arrived quite shaken up and frightened (like a little girl?). Something about rain, bad roads and a crazy driver. All I have to say is...rookie. It was an easy trip!

The last few days have been quite fun. We´ve hiked thru 2 different types of rainforest. We being me, BW and this chick he ´picked up´at the airport (have I said this already?). Cool hikes, beautiful foliage. It´s all so green! The trees are covered with moss and other growing things, which are covered with more growing things. Quite amazing and beautiful.

In terms of animals, we´ve been semi-successful: coati, spiders, cane toads, a 2-toed sloth, tarantula, birds....the norm, ya know?

The day after tomorrowe we part ways. I head back east and BW heads off to find his buddy.

BW´s bday was a couple days ago, and we did it up right, don´t you worry. A couple drinks at a bar (the waitresses kept laughing at us for some reason...) and then some time in a club. Yes, I actually danced for a little bit and wasn´t forced to do so. Perhaps I´m loosening up? Um, sure.

The hotel we´re in now is quite rad. Cheap ($6US eacha night) with free coffee, free internet, huge room with a private bath and hot shower, huge kitchen and dining area...good times.

What else has happened....not so much I don´t think. Having a fun and fairly relaxing time.

Oh yeah. During our layover today, BW and I sat under a huge gazebo in the middle of a park and ate some food and talked. Until 2 punks asked us if we wanted to play hoops with them. Which we did. Two games to 24 (points by 1) were played and we emerged victorious in both. Granted, they were younger than us and not the best players (the one skilled kid who replaced one dude in the second game had game, but was playing in flops...), but we are old and I am very out of shape. To say I was huffing a bit would be correct. So sad. Great time. I love that stuff!

I am only supposed to be on here for 15 minutes at a time now so off I go.

Maybe I´ll sleep? That sounds nice. Too many damn early mornings lately....

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